Bollywood SMS Jokes

Dhoom logic :. If you Take Loan From Bank, and if banks asksfor repayment…They’re wrong !!. Chicago Police Department Thinks MumbaiPolice has better knowledge of Chicago State. Abhishek Bachan’s Auto Rickshaw Is TheUltimate Vehicle Ever.. Aamir Khan’s BMW Bike can turn toanything…almost anything-Boat-aeroplane- Sub marine- tooth brush- cell phone- tv remote- etc…ANYTHING. Abhishek Bachan Can have bike fallen onto himbut still can get up and arrive at Crime SceneFrom Anywhere.. Cop from Mumbai has better Knowledge ofchicago roads than Chicago Police it self.Seriously Pathetic Movie…pathetic story Line…Haha……Just Read This!Bande Hai Yeh Kiske…..Kisne Diya Inko Itna Zor….Chappal Se Dhoyenge Inko Agar Banaya Dhoom

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