Friendship SMS

If A Lover Is Like A Moon Then Frnds R Like Stars. Hav U Noticed That The Sky Can Look Beautiful Without Moon, But Not Without Stars.

With Life As A Centre and Love As A Radius Draw A Circle Of Friendship and Remember Me On It’s Circumference…

Friends may not be seen together all the time,but in each’s heart they truly stay forever.

Friendship Needs No Demands, No Promises And No Expectations, It Needs Just Two People A Fool Like You And A Cool Like Me.

friends are like balloons, once u let them go, U can nevr bring them back. that’s Y i”l tie u tight in my heart.take care.

Love + Care =MOM Love + Fear =FATHER Love + Fight =SISTER Love + Help =BROTHER Love + Life =WIFE Love+Care+Fear+Help+fight+Life =FRIEND.

Seven rules to be happy. Never hate Don’t worry Live simple Expect a little Give a lot Always smile Have a friend like me.

I m not be the perfect friend. I also may not be the best of them all. But I am one who wanna see u happy forever””

Be slow in choosing a friend and slower while loosing them bcoz friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet responsibility.

Frindship opens many doors each with a different view but none could be more beautiful view than the door that leads to you.

Friendship is like a violin.the music may stop now and then,but the strings will last forever.

a person who truly likes u opr knows u,is the one who sees the pain in ur eyeswhile EVERYONE ELSE still believes in the smile on ur face.

i opened a account specially for u at UBF bank………U-Universal B-Bank of F-Friendship Enjoy withdrawing msgs daily.

True friend is better than Girlfriend because you can see his or pocket without his or her permission.

I prayed for you before we met,Not knowing who you d be.I asked the Lord to send a friend.One chosen just for me.