Friendship SMS

If A Lover Is Like A Moon Then Frnds R Like Stars. Hav U Noticed That The Sky Can Look Beautiful Without Moon, But Not Without Stars.

With Life As A Centre and Love As A Radius Draw A Circle Of Friendship and Remember Me On It’s Circumference…

Friendship Needs No Demands, No Promises And No Expectations, It Needs Just Two People A Fool Like You And A Cool Like Me.

Friends may not be seen together all the time,but in each’s heart they truly stay forever.

friends are like balloons, once u let them go, U can nevr bring them back. that’s Y i”l tie u tight in my heart.take care.

Love + Care =MOM Love + Fear =FATHER Love + Fight =SISTER Love + Help =BROTHER Love + Life =WIFE Love+Care+Fear+Help+fight+Life =FRIEND.

Seven rules to be happy. Never hate Don’t worry Live simple Expect a little Give a lot Always smile Have a friend like me.

I m not be the perfect friend. I also may not be the best of them all. But I am one who wanna see u happy forever””

Be slow in choosing a friend and slower while loosing them bcoz friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet responsibility.

Frindship opens many doors each with a different view but none could be more beautiful view than the door that leads to you.

Friendship is like a violin.the music may stop now and then,but the strings will last forever.

a person who truly likes u opr knows u,is the one who sees the pain in ur eyeswhile EVERYONE ELSE still believes in the smile on ur face.

i opened a account specially for u at UBF bank………U-Universal B-Bank of F-Friendship Enjoy withdrawing msgs daily.

True friend is better than Girlfriend because you can see his or pocket without his or her permission.

I prayed for you before we met,Not knowing who you d be.I asked the Lord to send a friend.One chosen just for me.