Friendship SMS

Life Starts INTENSE But Ends With SILENCE Love Starts With FEAR But Ends With TEARS And Friendship Starts HOWEVER Will Always Remain.

Your friendship is like the sun coming up each morning, it’s something I can count on to warm my world and brighten my life.

God is Good.for beyond the darkness He gives us Light beyond our nightmares He gives us dreams beynd our tears He gives us friend like u

It’s just something that happens as you grow up You realize it’s not important to have many friends.

Sometimes, you have to run away. not just to create distance. but to see who cares enough to run behind and pull you back.

I have a li’l angel flying around with a hammer.each person he hits gets a li’l bit of my love and friendship..

The journey continues but each chapter ends.. we start a new,carrying only our memories.. as i luk bak,i smyl because i did not say gud bye

Somewhere between the bad hangovers drunken heart to hearts.. you’ll realize that all you need in life are a few real friends

The day u came to my life,i crowned u as my friend I judged u not for ur beauty or tone, but because I felt u as my own.

God gave us friends so that we wud know d immeasurable beauty that comes from sharing our joys with another human heart.

what makes some people important, is not just the happiness that you feel when you meet them, but its the pain you feel when you miss them

I dropped a tear in the OCEAN while thinking of U..And I promise to be ur friend till I find it

The best FRIENDSHIP doesn’t come when you’re together. It comes when you’re busy realize that despite the time, friends never stop caring

Keep the flame of the Friendship burning, And never let it die, For it brings the everlasting happiness, Which money cannot buy

A loving person lives in a loving World. A hostile person lives in a hoste hostile world. But a person like you lives in Friend’s heart.