Funny Question Jokes

Interviewer: There are bricks on a plane. You drop one outside. How many are left?Applicant: That?s easy, Interviewer: What are the three steps to put an elephant into a fridge?Applicant: Open the fridge.Put the elephant in.Close the fridge.Interviewer: What are the four steps to put a deer into the fridge?Applicant: Open the fridge.Take the elephant out.Put the deer in.Close the fridge.Interviewer: It?s lion?s birthday, all the animals are there except one, why?Applicant: Because the deer is in the fridge.Interviewer: How does an old woman cross a swamp filled with crocodiles?Applicant: She just crosses it because the crocodiles are at the lion?s birthday.Interviewer: Last question. In the end the old lady still died.Why?Applicant: Err?.I guess she drowned?Interviewer: No! She was hit by the brick. You may leave now.

What is WILLPOWER ::It is When you see Notification, grlsMsgs and itemsrequests?..:o…………..And still you Click?LOGOUT?and?Study?? ?

Great Confusion:Jawahrlal Nehru saidLAZINESS IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY”Mahatma Gandhi said”ALWAYS LOVE YOUR ENEMY”Ab batao bapu ki sune ya chachu ki?”

?Knowledge??Jalebi? Ko English Mein ?SYRUP FILLED RING?Aur?Pakoray? Ko English main ?FRITTERS? Kehte HeinKuch seekh lo yar.har waqt pochtay rehte ho sabse(-,-)_//_Main tou bachpan se hi intelligent hon;-)B-)( ?.?)/?/) (_/ /_Ab batao beta k chocolate ko urdu me kia khte hain???……;-)

How to increase Positive thinking?..Ans: Watch FASHION TVBcoz u always think..Thik hai, ye nahi to agli wali ka to kuch dikhega..!!

Agr mere paswhite T-shirt hoor apke hath mered markar hoto appmeri t-shirt prkya likhna chahoge?Frwrd to allcmnts ayegebt rply me st

Question by a student !!If a single teacher can tteach us all the subjects,ThenHow could you expect a single studentto learn all subjects ?

Today’s question….Padhai ho gyi kya

.Dost kab bante h?.Love kb hota h?.Love kyo hota h?.Dost se kya umeed rkhni chahiye?.kyu muzhe pasand karte ho.plz rply karnawith answersFast

I.Q. TestMother’s name isMrs. SIXTY TWO”Son’s name is”FIFTY TWO”Daughter’s name is”FORTY TWO”WHAT IS NAME OF FATHER???Reply Must if u’r a geniusAccept this challenge… ”

Serious doubt.!!If a poison is outdated or expired?Is it less poisonous or more poisonous???! :-p

Ek Baat Jo Har Friend Apne BestFriend Se Sab SeZyada Baar Kehta Hai…….Apni Gf Ko Bol Ke Meri B SettingKarwa De Apni KisiFriend Se..”Hahahahahha Agree ? Thoko Like !!! ”

If a baby is born in Africa…Wht will b the color of the baby’s teeth ?Don’t stress your brain.How will a new born baby have teeth?? ;->

Sabse Jyada Nasha Kisme Hota h?Shrab Me? NoPyar Me? NaPaise Me? NeverSabse jyada nasha…..KITAB Me Hota H,sala Kholte Hi Nind Aa Jati He..

Q: What should be the surname of # Rupee ?Ans: Girpade…