Good Morning SMS

In The Morning The Greatness Of The Mind And The Goodness Of The Heart Are …Inseparable Good Morning To All Sweet Friends.

Never Start Ur Day With Broken Pieces Of Yesterday, It Will Definitely Destroy Ur Wonderful TODAY N Will Ruin Ur Great Tomrrow.gud morning

D o n’t W a i t T o B e H a p p y T o L a u g h…. Y o u M a y D i e A n d N e v e r H a v e L a u g h e d …(: G O O d M o r n i n g.

Keep a smile on your face and let your personality be your autograph…Good Morning..

every morning is a symbol of rebirth of our life, So forget all yesterdays bad moments and make today beautiful,wish u a lovely Morning.

serious doubt!! . . . . if a poison has expired date….. is it less poisonous or more poisonous…! good morning.

In French:Bon jour In Spanish:Te Quiro In Italian:Teamo In Yugoslav:Volim Te In English:Good Morning In Punjabi:Uth Moya Kam te nahi jana.

MORNING is a good time to REMEMBER all the sweet things and all sweet persons in UR LIFE so wake up with UR SWEET MEMORIES !GOOD MORNING.

Smile is a language of Love. Smile is a way to get success. Smile is to win the hearts. Smile improves ur personality. So,keep smiling.GM

i wish life was like a t.v remote. stop d bad things. fast forward d boring. rewind d fun. and pause d moments u never want forget.GM

Uhhh…Its monday again… Good Morning dear,I hope it will be a good start to a good week (but at the moment,this is about how I feel)

D day u wake up s u admiring d feelings u get into d life,d way u feel d world should admire u feel them gud.So feel gud.good morning

I woke up with a smile knowing that I wil c ur beautiful smile n my drms about u nt only lastnyt bt evry nyt are cuming true.

The difference between me and a bear is the thought of you couldn’t make me hibernate for more than hours.good morning.

Its dawn, Sweet flower wake up and fill the world with beauty and charm to begin a new day…