Good Night SMS

Night is nice gift, so openthe giftby closingyour eyes,u will see the another world waiting for u Enjoy it with sweet dreams,Good night

GooD NighT…have a salty dreams because daily sweet is not good for u r health, take care… good night..

Sending you MY BED let you rest, Pillows give you COMFORT, and MY BLANKET keep you warm. Sweet dreams, Goodnite! Sleep tight.

The candles cannot burn without the light. The moon cannot shine without the night,Then how can i sleep without wishing U GOOD NIGHT?

Your sweet time of today is ending Now,Forget bad Incidents,Remembers beautiful Moments, to refresh your mind wish u a sweet sleep. Gud Nite

select any good night .GUD NIGHT .GUDD NIT .GD IT .GDNT .G.NITE .G.NIT .G/N .g.n selected!!! now sleepwith ur sweet dream.

A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. Plz apne liye’Good night’ bna lena…Aj mera mood nahi hai

A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed, Calling ur nice Name so softly, Throwing flowers on U And saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams

‘You Should Always Dream Big… And For That You Should Sleep Quite Often ..’

‘You Should Always Dream Big… And For That You Should Sleep Quite Often ..’

omoon go slowly OMoon Go Slowly OBeautiful Birds Dont Make Noise OMy Heart Beat Silently Because My Friend Is Going To Sleep Gud Nite..;-)

*When u want enjoy life Think today as ur life’s First day When you want to achieve something in life Think today as your life’s Last day*

Each Night Before You Go To Bed Complete The Following Statements Im Thankful For….” “Today I Accomplished….” Good Night …”

We All Are Travelers In The Wilderness Of The World AndThe Best ThatWe Can Find In Our Travels Is An Honest Friend Good Night n Sweet Dreamz

World Is Full Of Willing People.. Some Willing To Work.. And Others,Like Me.. Willing To Let Them Work!!! Gud Ni Sweet Dreams