Good Night SMS

soldier:sir we are surrounded by enemies on all sides” major:”excellent we can attack in any direction!” Attitude decides our life.gud n.”

Ye PhooL, Ye kaliya, Ye MauSam, Sab kudrat Ke Nazaare Hai Hum wish Sirf Unhe krte hai Jo hamhe jaan se Pyare Hai.Good NIGHT G. SWT DREAMS.

Chupke se Suno, Ek Choti si Baat, Ho gyi hai Raat. So jao Pyaar se,Sapno k Saath. Band kro Light, Mujhe Apse kehna hai`Good Night`.

There are many Amazing Things About Sleep and One Of Them Is That, You Always Wake Up With a New Hair Style..! So,Good Night.

Wid ma hrt, eyes, litres ov blood, bones,. million RBCs n trillion DNAs i wish ol a gd t…