Kiss SMS

Center of the SKY”
“Y” change into “I”
Double of the First
Give me just!
Answer: KISS”

Kiss Me In The Light..Love Me In the Dark..Hold Me ’till The End. And I Promise I won’t Break Your Heart

what kisses mean!KISS ON HAND=i adore u, KISS ON CHEEK=lets be friends, KISS ON NECK=i want u, KISS ON LIPS=i love u, KISS ANYWHERE ELSE=…lets not get carried away!

I’ve been thinking about u and me..if we were alone how it would be..I would kiss u all over till ur feeling hot..then give u a sensation when I hit the spot!

Good News for lovers
on valentine’s day
A new way to send romantic kiss to ur girl friend
Just call me and order ur kiss
I will personally go & deliver
Booking open
Chumma express services (Pvt ltd)

Girl; is dress ka kya Price hia?
shop keeper !
sirf kiss?
Girl; aur us dress ka?
shop keeper;
girl; dono dress pack kar do,
bill dadi dengi…….

Sardar His Frend:
I Kiss My Wife Evrydy B I Go Ofice N U?
I Kiss Ur Wife Aftr U Go Ofice..
I Kissd First

Chemistry OF KISS
Lips interact to make passinate romatic story………….

ladki ne coin dal k apna wajan Kiya kg…
Sandal utari kg…
Jacket utari kg…
Fir Dupata utara kg…
aur coin khatm…
Bhikhari bola…
Tu chalu rakh sikke mai daluga.

Will you love me in December as you do in May, Will you love me in the good old fashioned way? When my hair has all turned gray, Will you kiss me then and say, That you love me in December as you do in May??

tuje chumne ka maza hi aur ha
tuje me chuma tere in kubsurat gulabi honton pe, tuje chumo me tera hasen mehktwe jism ko, bus tume hi chum ta jao mera is tarah mere jawani ki saal beet jaye

There are Tulips in my garden,
there are Tulips in the park,
but nothing is more be beautiful
than our two lips meeting in the dark!

loving you can only be compared to the sand of an ocean, mising you with the warmth of your skin, baby to me you mean the world, ican?t stand without ur thing, talk without ur lips!!!!So come and kiss me

A Kiss is a :
Noun: It is common & proper.
Pronoun: ?She ? stands for it.
Verb: It is active & passive:
Adverb: Makes an explanation.
Conjunction: It brings together & connects.
Interjetion: It shows a sudden strong feeling.
Preposition: It has an object.

My love for you grows more with each passing day, The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away: Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness, Those luscious lips I love to kiss