Love SMS

Sometimes we lose someone by saying I LOVE YOU But, More often we lose someone, by fearing to say, I LOVE YOU. That is the cutest logic…

You never said I love you,yet your eyes spoke a million words… that is true love for me..

I Don`t Need Someone Perfect. I Need Someone Who Loves Me,Respects Me,Cares For Me and Understands Me.

If a girl ever steals your man,there`s no better revenge than letting her keep him.REAL MEN can`t be stolen.

You may not love me as like i do to u,you may not care me as like i care for u, if u ever need me so i always be around with u…

Sometimes in Our Life We Play With Love Bt When d Time Comes & U Realize dat U Want Get Serious, Game Changes,Love Plays With Ur Life.

Teacher-What Is LOVE? Student-It`s Just that the Girls are searching for a sponsor & the boys are hoping for a good Return on Investment…

Between ten people,nine may be in love with you, but you`ll fall in love exactly for that one who doesn`t love you.

`Love` is a SMALL COIN, `Life` is a BIG COIN, `Wife` is LUCKY COIN, `Lover` is a SWEET COIN, But `FRINDSHIP` is a GOLDEN COIN. Keep It Safe

Those we Love,Never go away,They walk besides us everyday Unseen,Unheard,Still Near,Still Loved, Still Missed,& Still Very Dear Just like u.

You are so special to me,you`re my joy, my love, and my life.Living without you will tear me apart because you make my life worth living.

As the earth revolves round the sun for its life,So I revolve round u for my love.May God brighten your life with the light of my love.

My passions are with you My dreams will come true You know how much I love you So I can`t part away from you