Sorry SMS

I SPEAK only when I feel my words are better than my silence.. But Sometimes it may hurt or irritate others a lot.. So, I love my silence.

Sorry works when mistake is made. But sorry does not work when trust is broken. So do mistakes but never break someone’s trust!

SORRY Say Onetime any Really Remembering You

I’m sorry U are wiser, I’m sorry you are taller; liked you better foolish and I liked you better smaller.

Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.

You can make up a quarrel, but it will always show where it was patched.

Play fair.Don’t hit people. Say you”re sorry when you hurt somebody

I am sorry, Mother. I named your anger. A woman”s anger is not supposed to…..

I’m truly sorry man’s dominion has broken Nature”s social union.

When armies are mobilized and issues joined,the man who is sorry over the fact will always win.

More men are sorry for speaking, than keeping silence

If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.

I always feel sorry for people who think more about a rainy day ahead than sunshine today.

I feel sorry for someone who has to win at everything.

Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might have been.