When a girl is quiet and doesn`t talk a word…. That`s when She needs You the most……

A perfect saying by d mirror abt luv.. U hv a cute n caring person infront of u. Y shud u expct othrs do dat.. Love urslf”dat nvr hurts.”

Love Is Action Not Words, People Will Treat The Way They Feel About. Words Lie.! Actions Don`t.!….

Never Search a Person Whom U Want.. Search a Person Who Wants U.. Dont Care Those Who Ignore U.. Care Those Who Are Ignoring others u.

Somewhere Someone is surely made u AND God has decided a perfect time to make you meet that person. v just have to wait the right time..

Hsino ko apna dil na dena Dil k jazbat ye kya janegi Kandhe ka Dupatta to smbhalta ni Hmara DIL kya GHANTA Smbhalegi!….

Mohabbat to barish haijise chhune ki khawaish me hatheliya to geeli ho jaati hai”magar hath hamesha khali rah jaate hai.”

A true heart may not talk with u everyday..or may not meet u every time.. bt always thinks abt u and ur memories..

Ruth jao kitna b mana lenge Dur jao kitna b bula lenge Dil aakhir dil hai sagar ki ret to nahi K naam likh kar usse mita denge.

BF msg his Gf. Baby Sorry Disturb u. can u send Me Ur Photo? Its Urgent Serious matter `we r playing cardS and Ive Lost my Queen….”

Kuchh Log Pyar krte HE Nibhane K Liye Kuch Log Pyar Krte He BhuL jane k Liye Pyar kro To Esa kro k Dono Tdpe Ek Dusre K Pas Ane k Liye.

Jis pal aap Dil se muskuraoge, Apni hasi me hamari jhalk paoge Na samjna k sath chod denge hum palat kar dekhoge to har rah par hame paoge.

Silent love does not have words.. It has its own language, …Which can only be heard by the person We love!!

Life is too DEEP Words. So don`t try to describe it, just LIVE it. Nothing in life is to be answered. It is only TO BE” ~UNDERSTOOD~”

Between ten people,nine may be in love with you, but you`ll fall in love exactly for that one who doesn`t love you.