Teacher-What Is LOVE? Student-It`s Just that the Girls are searching for a sponsor & the boys are hoping for a good Return on Investment…

Sometimes in Our Life We Play With Love Bt When d Time Comes & U Realize dat U Want Get Serious, Game Changes,Love Plays With Ur Life.

You may not love me as like i do to u,you may not care me as like i care for u, if u ever need me so i always be around with u…

If a girl ever steals your man,there`s no better revenge than letting her keep him.REAL MEN can`t be stolen.

I Don`t Need Someone Perfect. I Need Someone Who Loves Me,Respects Me,Cares For Me and Understands Me.

You never said I love you,yet your eyes spoke a million words… that is true love for me..

Sometimes we lose someone by saying I LOVE YOU But, More often we lose someone, by fearing to say, I LOVE YOU. That is the cutest logic…

I Only Live For Your Love If I Had The Chance To Dance With You I Will Choose The Song That Would Never End….

Your love is unique and special,When you follow only your heart but not reasons,not rules,not what others saying,not even your own mind !!!!

You are sweeter than sweets You are more lovely than a flower And in the entire world You are the Only One that I LOVE

My passions are with you My dreams will come true You know how much I love you So I can`t part away from you

As the earth revolves round the sun for its life,So I revolve round u for my love.May God brighten your life with the light of my love.

You are so special to me,you`re my joy, my love, and my life.Living without you will tear me apart because you make my life worth living.

Those we Love,Never go away,They walk besides us everyday Unseen,Unheard,Still Near,Still Loved, Still Missed,& Still Very Dear Just like u.

`Love` is a SMALL COIN, `Life` is a BIG COIN, `Wife` is LUCKY COIN, `Lover` is a SWEET COIN, But `FRINDSHIP` is a GOLDEN COIN. Keep It Safe