AprilFool SMS Jokes

Fact:You can not touch your lower lip with your tounge.Fact:After reading this,/ idiots would try it.

U are a BITCH.Beautiful,Intelligent,Talented,Cute Hilarious,r u smiling now? ? ? ? YOU ARE REALLY BITCH.

I Am sendinG This Fool txt msg . . . . All Fools . . . . who celeBrate . . . . APRIL FOOL

Ur a flower” in english In sanskrit “pushp” In arabi “Zuhra” In urdu “Gul” Dont b so happy

Hey get ready,my marriage is fixed. Its on st of April. Surprised? Stupid, st april is April fool, and u r the st person whom I fooled.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Real friends are those who, when you feel you`ve made a fool of yourself, don`t feel you`ve done a permanent job.

Advance Aprilfoolsms st March Or st april FoolisFool dosnt matter. Wishing very happy,prosperous N joyful FoolDay to the King of Fool

When ur life is in darkness pray God ask him free u rm darkness n after if u pray n ur still in darkness pls pay ur ELECTRICITY BIL

If u are in tension If nothing seems right If u find no way out Then just think of me only once I will be always there INCREASE ur tension

Relationships are precious, do not hurt them by fooling and lying on first April April Fool

you got into a bus on st April when conductor asked for ticket. He gave Rs./- and took the ticket and said april fool. I have pass.

Am Going To U.S.A.Don`t Worry The Flight Is After Day…Surprised????After Days it”s st April,U r st Fool of this year

Plz open this after days at sunday..I know u can`t wait.So Congrats.U r a st FOOL of this year. April Fool in Advance.

In your life, when you wake up and don’t see any one, then come to me, i’ll be there to hold ur hand and take you to the EYE SPECIALIST