Good Night SMS

I wish I wuld thr hold u tight, Instead of saying this loving gud nite.

st-MiSS Me nd-ThInk oF Me rd-HuG Me th-LoVE mE. TrY SlEEp NoW & ClOSe Ur EyeS. Get PrePaReD DrEaM oF mE! Gd NiTe!

A spcl face, a spcl smile, a spcl sm, a spcl hug rm me u, a spcl prsn, I found in u, Sweet Dreams, Sleep well..

I Live By Faith&Nt By Sight So WhthrI See U Or Nt, Tlk To U Or Nt, I Knw Tht U R Still The Same, A Frnd Worth Keping Till The End.Good Nite

A Big Good Ni my Sweet loving sugar coated choco mallow milky shaky honey dipped cheez melting orange juicy pepperoni Friend!!

There is only differnce b/w DREAM&AIM.Dream require Effortless SLEEP whereas Aim require SLEEPLESS Efforts.Sleep DREAMS &wake up AIMS

A superb frndship line – I want you to b with me only two times in my life..” “Now & Forever” gud ni”

Sweet chocolate n sweet u, And sweet are the things you do, But d sweetest is d friendship of d , is Me & Other is u!! Goodnight

Go bed, Off d light, Out of tension, Dreams come true, Sounds Sleeping, Awake early, Have a beautiful tomorrow. GOOD NI

Time to sleep, time to rest, switch off the light, lock your eyes and knock knock sweet dreams GOOD NI

Black sky wd sweet solo moon, wd millions of stars brings U silent hours take a nice rest. good night.

WELCOME TO GOOD NIGHT RESTAURANT” Menu: *Warm Pillow *Hot blanket *Soft Bed *Sweet Dreams *Sound Sleep Have A great visit:-)”

What a pity!I’m not at your place!Miles separate me from u This night in my dreamsI’ll see your faceGood night,my angel,I hope u miss me too

late night sms wishes does nt only mean good night It has a silent message saying.. u r my last thought at night.. Goodnight..

MOON has come to coloryour dreams, STARSto make themmusical and my SMS to give you warmand Peaceful Sleep. Good Night..Sweet Dreams..!