Rajnikant Sms

Basketball player to RAJNIKANT:I can spin a ball on my finger for hours… can u ???..rajnikanth: yena rascala, how do u think the earth spins?? mind it..

Ek Baar Discovery Wale,Jwalamukhi Dekhne Gaye,..& They Got Shocked……Because Rajnikant Waha AlreadyPapad Shek Raha Tha…:p

Rajnikant & A Girl werePlaying Cards (Teen Patti),Rajnikant had Ekkas (AAA)But cud not win, Why?Bcoz the Girl had Rajnikants.

bar chand pe Makkhi dikhai di.NASA k officers khus ho gaye-LIFE ON MOONLIFE ON MOONBaad Me pata chalaRAJNIKANT patang uda rha tha..!!!

People Update StatusVia BlackBerry,IPhone,IPad, Etc……..Rajinikanth Updates StatusVia Calculator!

Why did British leave India in only?Because they came to know thatUnka baap RAJNIKANTH wasGoing to born in . :p

DHOOM Jhohn, Rhritk and Amir on BIKEWid speed of km/hr&.Rajanikant overtakes themWid Bicycle n saysBeta Save Fuel Use cycle”:)”

rajnikanth’s truth’s :Once a media guy asked Rajini:Don’t you get angry afterSeeing these ridiculous jokes on you?”Rajini replied:”Do you think they are jokes?””

Teacher-Agar raat me machhar kaate to kya karna chahie?…..Santa- Chup chaap khujaakar so janaChahie qki aap RAJNIKANT to ho nahiJo machhar se sorry bulwaloge..=)) =D

Dis msg is being Sent by RajnikantIn the Interest of Humanity-Guys Plz Stop making Jokes on Me

Cant beat this one-Rajnikanth’s dog’s houseHas a signboard on it, saying……..Maalik Se Sawdhan. :p

JAMES BOND comits sucide afterWatching Rajni’s Film…WHY.?. .Rajni had empty gun,Villain fired at him;..He Catches the BULLET putsIt in his gun & kills the villain.:

Vo kaun aadmi haiKo ek hath se gadi rok shakta hai????……..TRAFFIC POLICE yaar…Tum bhi na …Har bar rajnikant nahi ata..

Galileo used lamp study.Graham bell used candle study.Shakspeare studied in street light.But, Do u know what did RAJANIKANT use?.Only agarbatti!and rencho baba….just,use!!! spark of gas lighter…once again Rajnikant shock rencho baba rock…..Just now

Rajnikant, after chewing the ‘PAAN’,spit on the wall of a building.Today that building is popularly known as THE RED FORT.andonec renchobaba…chewing PAAN ans sipt on sky…frome that day MARS planet is become…..RED….rajniKant ki to lag gayi is bar….