Cool SMS

I wanna keep things: . .
My friends

Sun daytime
Moon for night time &
U.My dear friend LIFETIME

Not every flower can represent love but roses did it.
Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it.
Not every monkey can read SMS
but hey you just did it!
Enjoy your day,
and dont forget to smile!

One day my brain asked me Y R U SENDING MSGs to that person who is not messaging u? but my little “HEART” said to brain “U” NEED msgs but i need “FRIENDSHIP””

One day u may ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: My life??
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!

Missed call to ek bahana hai,
Irada to aapka ek lamha churana he,
Aap chahe humse baat karo ya na karo,
Aap ki yadon mein humara ana jana hai.

I’m on a mission!
Mission to avoid You,
To forget You,
To not to talk to You,
To not to think about You anymore…
In short…

Sometimes ALLAH upsets your plans
to set up his own plans..
ALLAH’s plans r perfect.
So never get upset
when your plans get upset

Have faith in ALLAH

A beautiful thought!!
The person who can explain the meaning
of color to a blind can explain
anything & everything in life!

I want go back to that time

when ”getting high”
meant on ”swing”

when ”mom” was
the only ”hero”

when ”dad’s shoulders”
were the ”highest place” on earth

when ”worst enemies”
were ur ”siblings”

when the only thing
that could ”hurt” u, were ”skinned knees”

when the only things
”broken” were ur ”toys”


when ”good byes” only
meant ”till tomorrow”

I pray for you

A life that you truly deserve” A life as good as your “heart” A life as bright as your “smile” & A life as wonderful as your “dream””