Inspirational SMS

Worry about Ur character and not Ur reputation, because your character is who you are,and your reputation is only what people think of you.

True Guidance Is Like A Small Torch In A Dark Forest.It Doesn`t Show Everything Once, But Gives Enough Light For The Next Step To Be Safe.

Great Lines- Performance always comes from Passion and not from Pressures..” Be Passionate

or rat chali gayi zindgi se, or din aa gaya he zindgi me, e mat socho ki kitne lamhe he zindgi me, ye socho ki kitni zindgi he in lamho.

Success Formula,To Learn From Water… Adjust Yourself In Every Situation and In Any Shape and Most Importantly Always Find Out Your Way…

Jiyo Itna K Marna muskil Ho Jaye Haso Itna K Rona Muskil Ho Jay Kisi Ko Pana Kismat Ki Baat H Magar Chaho Itna Ki Bhulana Muskil Ho Jaye.

Mistakes increases ur experience and experience decreases ur mistakes”. You learn from ur mistakes then others will learn from ur success.”

DIFFICULTY is like bag full of Cotton, HEAVY to those who SEE it and LIGHT for those who HANDLE it……….

Life me kuchh khona pade to ye line jarur yaad rakhana. jo khoya hai uska gam nahi” “lekin jo paya hai wo kisi se kam nahi.”


I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter.

Don`t ever wrestle with a pig.You`ll both get dirty,but the pig will enjoy it.

An inventor is simply a fellow who doesn`t take his education too seriously.

Taqat Nahi Mujh Mein K Tujhe Duniya Se Cheen Loon, Lekin Khudaa Se Maangne Ka Haq To Hai Mujhe…!!…

Locks r nvr manufactured without a key.. Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions. only we need to have patience to Unlock them.