Miss You SMS

look at the SUN&you c TIME..look in the HEART& you c LOVE..look in the EYES& you c LIFE..look at ur MOBILE&c who’s REMEMBERING U!!

Never Thought… it would be so hard staying away from U i keep thinking of ‘us’ Together again! I Miss U!

When I Close my eyes I Saw You When I Open my eyes I Miss You

I m sending u little hearts remind u things I m Here I Care &I Miss U a lot

‘one one I miss U two two Miss me MRE three three Dosti hai FIX four four U r GREAT five five I miss u my sweet friend.’

On a Silent night wen friends are few I close my eyes and think of U A Silent night, A Silent tear, A Silent wish that U were Here.

What makes some people Dearer? Is not just the happiness that you feel when you meet them, But the pain you feel, when you … Miss them !

Missing You… Is Not The Hard Part !!! But … Knowing That I Once Had You … Is What Breaks My Heart ..!!

Every time I say how are you? my heart says, I care for you.. Every time I ask how have you been? my heart whispers, I miss you

Whatever Relation You Buildup In This World, The Only Thing Remains Atlast Is The Loneliness With Lots And Lots Of Memories.!! Miss You.

Just the thought of being with you tomorrow is enough to get me through today.

I’ve written on all bricks of wall I miss u”&I want one brick to fall on your head So that u can understand how much it hurts when I miss u”

It`s not like that I miss You so much.It`s more like I miss Us being together! You`re in my heart,mind and thoughts forever!

When U Are Lonely I Am Sad. When U Are Happy I Am Glad. Remember.. That Whatever U Feel Feel It Twice. So If U Miss Me Once I Miss U To see.

The worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you and yet you know you can never have them…!