Jokes SMS

Statistics showthat % of women in the world,are on medication for mental illness So beware!% are running around without proper medication

Question by a student!!If a single teacher can`t teach us all the subjects,Then..How could u expect a single student to learn all subjects?

Wats d height of hope??It is:sittin in d exam hall, holdin d question paper in hand n tellin ur self dude

The universe is Finite…” Which is a comforting Thought For those people

Commerce professor asks the student: what is the most important source of finance for starting business? Student: Father in law”.”

Three lights to save the earth from the darkness.. st:sunlight nd: moonlight rd:you my sweet friend tube light ok cool cool cool darling

Beautiful Lines For Life: Life is a mirror in which you should absorb Good Things.. And reflect Bad Things..

Every relation can be made stronger by trusting on each other,but more than that we should learn to compromise to keep any relation longer.

People dont care when they lose RS coin from their pocket. but They feel distressing when they lose RS from their mobile balance!

Every heart knows how to beat the feelings.. But, Some heart only knows how to response the feelings..!!

Whenever you are in a position to help someone, Just do it & be glad, Bcoz God is answering someone`s prayers through you.

Dreams give support to hope. Hope inspires efforts. Effort results in success. So dreams r root of success. May all ur dreams come true.

Mobile ek MANDIR hai,Simcard uska DEVTACall karne wala PUJARI,Sms bhejne wala DANI,Padhane wala BHAKT Reply na karne wala mandir ka BHIKARI.

When i spend time with you.. . . . , M giving you a part of my life That will never come back So please dont make me regret it later.

Somewhere I Heard.. Life is Beautiful.. But Very Soon I Released.. Lots of Conditions Apply..!!