Funny Question Jokes

If i die and its only you who can bring me back,To this earth from god,but you have to give,Three reasons why you want me back what,Would be those three reasons? Reply is must.

Q.)who is the king of the classroom?Ans:-The ruler!!!Q.)why didn’t the sun attend the college?Ans:-Because it already had a million of degrees!!!

.which is the small est moon?Ans:-jamoon..which jam we cannot eat?Ans:-Traffic jam..why is B always very cool?Ans:-Because it sits in AC.

family mein membrs And roti hai/ roti har bache ko, roti har lady ko, roti har man ko.Family me kitne Bache,Ladies And Man hai?Ans if u r intelligent

question..ek saal purabe mandir ko kya kahege………….ans= maruti

Santa wht is mng of automaticallyBanta oyee iskaa matlab mai takli

How to sleep faster..??”’Just Decorate your bedroom to look like a classroom…;):-D

Beautiful answerDaughter: what is marriage?Mom: marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown male child who cannot be handled by his parents anymore….???? ”

Child:papa aunty ka pait kion phola hai?Father:tujhey sub pata hai!Child: nahin pata promise!Father: in k pait main pani bhara hayCHILD:O: h No! Bacha to doob jaye ga!Gn…..

‘Papa- Beti th K Bad Kya Karogi?Beti- B.B.A Karungi.Papa- Wat is BBA!Beti- Boyfriend Ki Bike Pr Aish ..!’

WHAT IS CONFERENCE:The confusion of one manmultiplied by thenumber present

Who said English is easy?Fill d blank wid YES/NO.)___,i am not mentally fit!)___,i have no brain.)___,i have no commonsense.)___,i am mad.try it!

WHAT IS CONFERENCE ROOM:A place where everybody talks,nobody listensand everybody disagrees in the end

DEFINE SMILE:A curvethat can seta lot of things straight!

DEFINE EXPERIENCE:The name men giveto their mistakes